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My Expert Writer Coursework Writing Service:

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UK is one of the top countries in the world for education, there is a diverse range of students from all over the globe. Each with their own language, social lives and monetary budgets. This can affect one's ability to also juggle the many assignments we are handed whilst studying. My Expert Writer is here to help with your academic requirements. Our experts provide high quality help with your coursework, saving you time and sleepless nights whilst impressing your lecturer with the end result. 

Depending on your course and the style of coursework assigned, you will be required to display certain skills among those research and writing. My Expert Writer provides a custom coursework writing service for a wide range of subjects, using qualified academic writers.  

We ensure that after we’ve completed your work, we assist you in understanding all the elements of your assignment so you are able to answer any questions. 

We always ask you to provide as much information as possible to assist with your order, including assignment requirements, lecture notes, related papers, your past work and any other pertinent information. Alongside creating a unique paper, this helps us assimilate your cadences meaning your lecturers won’t know the difference. We can complete complex assignments such as: Non-Word, Excel Spreadsheets and Powerpoint Presentations.

My Expert Writer Coursework Writing Service:



We guarantee to return a customised unique coursework at your desired grade. 

 100% custom coursework 

 Plagiarism free with grammar and proofreading 

 Research conducted by subject matter experts

 Experienced writers in your field

Specialist Software

Asides from using Microsoft Word to complete assignments, we have specialists in software such as Powerpoint, Excel, IBM SPSS and many more.  

Academic Services



With each assignment you will receive:

  • Custom built and plagiarism free

  • Grammar and proofreading

  • Expert Research 

  • Experienced Writers

Writing Service

1 Page = 275 Words Double Spaced

Based on 10-Day Delivery Period

*Additional £1 for every day less than 10

Best Value Guaaranteed



Additional Services

Cover Page + Visual Presentation

(Always worth marks)

With this add-on you will receive:

  • Complete formatting 

  • Stunning Cover page

  • Stand-out customisation


*Payment is taken after order confirmation using PayPal
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