Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of service do you provide? 

From our services you can order essays, coursework, CV and cover letters. We will follow your exact instructions for any academic assignment and provide high quality content. For any career related services, we use industry-leading experience to build customised documents.  


Are the costs of services affordable? 

Yes! We guarantee to provide the best value service out there. A flat fee rate for academic papers at £7.50 per page based on a 10-day return period. For a 9-Day return, it will cost standard + £1  per page i.e. £8.50 per page and so on. Our career services are also very affordable, we understand that our customers may be budgeting and therefore offer very competitive rates.  


How to place an order? 

Once your order form has been filled, we will receive your request. After matching you with a relevant subject expert, we will contact yourself for all service requirements (e.g. essay specifications). We will then take payment through PayPal and your dedicated expert will begin writing.  


What assurances can you provide regarding the security of my information? 

My Expert Writer maintains the privacy of its’ customers and makes every bit of effort to protect it. We guarantee that information about yourself, payments or your paper will never be revealed to anyone other than you.. We use PayPal to help protect your financial information, eliminating the possibilities of your financial credentials being seen.  


What is your preferred method of payment? 

We accept payments through PayPal, this is for ease of use and to protect customer financial information and privacy.  


Will l be able to talk with my writer? 

You will be able to contact your writer regarding any questions you may have and to send direct instructions for completing your paper.  


What is your refund policy? 

We offer refund in these 2 cases for academic papers: if you receive an ‘F’ grade for your work or, if there’s a delay in finishing your assignment.  


Is there any way I can provide additional information regarding my order? 

You can provide some initial information on the order form, however, once your order has been accepted, you will be able to send any and all information to your dedicated expert. 

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