3 Brutal Truths About Job Hunting

3 Brutal Truths About Job Hunting | My Expert Writer by Haroon Arif

In today’s employment market it can take months to land a job. Although applying for a lot of jobs seems like the right thing to do, we have provided tips on the most common mistakes made and how to rectify them. There are always factors outside of your control however, by following these guidelines, you will hopefully separate yourself from the competition and land a role.

1. ATS Will Reject You

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a database used to analyse resumes. Companies use this in the initial hiring process to screen through candidates for the first interviews. Companies get thousands of applicants to one job opening and this system makes it easier.

The problem with ATS systems is that if your CV is not in the right format such as PDF or Word or the layout is too complicated, the system may not pick up the right key words and you could be rejected. If you make it past the system, only then will a person read your CV.

My Expert Writer Solution:

  • Keep your CV in word format (.doc not PDF)

  • Match your CV with specific keywords in the job description

  • Fill your skills section with relevant keywords

  • Use round bulletpoints

  • My Expert Writer will create your CV that beats any ATS software from only £40: https://bit.ly/myxpcv

2. Your Cover Letter May Not Be Read

With every job potentially receiving hinders if not thousands of CVs and cover letters, recruiters themselves admit, they don’t always read cover letters. Especially, those with elaborate life stories.

My Expert Writer Solution:

Although recruiters don’t read every cover letter, what they do love to read are stand out ones. Carefully crafted cover letters that are a worthwhile read. As well as using keywords in your cover letter that match the job description, you should also use compelling stories that highlight your achievements and skills which are critical to the success of the job.

Recruiters love to read good cover letters which mention specifics about the company, the applicant’s interest in the role and how they’d be good fit with the company culture.

3. You Won’t Get a Job Straight Away

After beating the ATS system, you’ve had your cover letter read and you’ve come in for the interview, how long till you get the job? In majority of cases you won’t get a job straight away, however, in some instances, being in the right place at right time could land you a job quickly. Don’t rely on this!

The average time to hire depends on the industry and job function but is usually 27.5 days. The truth is it can take months to land a job which is why you should keep applying even if you had an interview.

My Expert Writer Solution:

Apply for multiple jobs at once to maximise your chances of placing your CV in front of a hiring manager. Practice, practice and practice some more. You can never go wrong over preparing and if you don’t get a role for whatever reason, at least you’ve tried your best and can continue to improve.

Good luck with your job hunting!

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