8 Tips for Writing an Excellent Essay

Updated: Mar 26

8 Tips for an Excellent Essay My Expert Writer Blog Article Academic Writing Service

An essay is a form of assignment, writing it can be a difficult activity. With a little bit of effort and some great tips from My Writing Experts, you will be able to write the perfect essay in no time. Here are the 8 top tips for students who want to write an excellent essay.

1. Understand the question

Students can waste a lot of time starting an assignment without understanding the actual requirements. Once you have understood the question, extract whether you must explain, contrast or discuss the topic. If you do not understand the question, make sure to ask your lecturer.

2. Pick a topic

Take your time and read relevant work to brainstorm ideas when choosing a topic for your essay. This will help you find something interesting, if you still struggle, ask your lecturer for assistance or guidance on reading material. Search the internet, textbooks and class material when researching a topic.

3. Write academically

An issue prevalent with first and second year university students is the use of non-academic language in their essay. You should not refer to yourself using ‘I’ or ‘My’, instead use ‘This essay’ and The impact of’. Academic writing is more formal, unbiased and concise.

4. Argue Both Sides

It's important to look at the both sides of the argument in order to be objective in your analysis. This also helps solidify your side of the argument having addressed the opposite perspective.

5. Save your references

When using another person’s work in your essay, you must acknowledge that work. To make life easy, every time you use a quote be sure to save the link or title. You can keep this in a separate section, but having the original location noted is time-saving.

6. Quoting vs Paraphrasing

You must use external sources when writing an essay or making an argument. This illustrates a wider knowledge base and effective research skills. You should not go over-board with citations or else the work will lack originality. Use credible information such as facts and proven theories from reliable sources.

Quote: “The last quarter has been our worst” (Banker, 2020)


Paraphrase: Niemi et al. (2014) argue that storyboarding is the foundation of e-learning design.

You must properly cite sources to avoid plagiarism which can affect your final grades. Make sure to check your education institution’s style of referencing.

7. Presentation

You are normally awarded marks for good presentation of your work. First, ensure you meet the requirements which can include font, font size, line spacing and margins. Use headings to make sections stand out and create a cover page for extra impact.

8. Proofreading

Before submitting your work, you should be continuously reading your essay, ensuring it flows well, is easily readable and has the correct structure. While proofreading, use the spell checker on software such as Microsoft Word, to help avoid spelling mistakes. Don’t forget punctuation and grammar errors. By proofreading you can shorten sentences and be more concise in your points. Here are a few other tips to proofreading:

  • Give you essay to a friend to read

  • Ensure you take time off and come back with fresh eyes

  • Use My Writing Expert

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