creating your recession proof resume

Creating Your Recession Proof Resume 2020

Always be prepared

It never hurts to prepare for economic downturn, in fact it’s prudent to plan for such outcomes. Opportunities come in many forms during good economic periods, however, in an economic downturn, such opportunities are few and far between and can be lost forever if missed.

Preparing your CV

With the economy facing turbulent times and the job market clearly affected, your CV should reflect your candidacy as recession-proof.

This means not only illustrating your achievements and skills as you would do normally, it’s ever more important to display strong leadership abilities especially in the face of turbulent times. You must also prove adaptability skills in order to keep business operations on-going in the midst of mayhem.

Your future employer wants to hire someone that understands the impact of volatile markets and can navigate the business through such storms.

What should your recession-proof CV show?

  • Firstly, keep an updated CV on hand, this bolsters your prospects during any economic cycle.

  • Showcase your most valuable assets. Display contributions you’ve made in emergency situations.

  • Create attention grabbing bulletpoints on your CV, using data-based achievements to illustrate how you’ve helped your department during times of crisis.

  • Re-assess the skills you highlight on your CV and make sure you stand out from the crowd. If you struggle with this, contact My Expert Writer to have our Professional CV Writers boost your candidacy.

  • Demonstrate confidence in facing the unknown and taking on a challenge, this will surely help you stand out from the competition.

Additional Tips

Augment your skills through professional training if you have disposable income or use the many free courses available online.

Conduct analysis on your area of employment, such as SWOT analysis, this will illustrate your ability to predict new challenges and threats.

During interviews, base your answers on achievements gained through navigating your department in times of crisis.

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