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Updated: Apr 2

My Expert Writer has provided its' readers with a free CV template, fully customisable with tips on what to include in each section. Enjoy!

Looking for a new role, but not certain if your CV will do that job?

If your beginning your career, it can be a daunting and time-consuming task to write out a professional CV. Even with experience of writing CVs, you might still make mistakes such as sending out the same one for every job.

We've already covered the Importance of a Professional CV. Below we've provided a free template which you can copy and paste into Word, alternatively there is a free Word document which you can download at the bottom of this article. This has a basic colour wave side panel which you can change. Feel free to customise and use this resource however you like.

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Alternatively, have our experts create a professional CV from only £40 and stand out from the crowd. With #coronavirus affecting the job market, having a professionally written CV if evermore important. Click here for more information on our CV Writing services.

Client examples of professional CVs

Full Name

Address - Phone number - Email address

Personal statement

[This section contains a concise summary of your skills and achievements, motivations and career goals. It’s good to illustrate your enthusiasm for the role and industry in this section. Use keywords and keep this statement to 1 short paragraph consisting of 4-5 lines at most.]

Work Experience

[Role] - [Company], City

(November 2013 – Present)


  • [List stats or examples relevant to the role]

  • [ ]

Education and Qualifications

[Education Institution] - [Course]

(2004 - 2006)

Including the following modules:

  • [list courses, projects relevant to the role]

  • [ ]

Key Skills

[Strong organisational]

[keep skills relevant to the role]


Available on request.

Free downloadable CV Template in Word format (See below). Blue side bar colour can be changed to suit your preference.

Click here to download.

Good luck to you and your future career prospects. Remember to keep applying and stay determined! For more Free Resources on CV and Cover Letters click here.

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