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Updated: Mar 26

Your CV is the first impression you make on an employer. To boost your chances, a top-quality CV is needed which requires time and effort. Normally, CV’s shouldn’t be longer than 2 A4 pages, and for graduates 1 page will suffice. It’s important to keep your CV relevant to the role and only highlight related skills and experiences. Employers seek the following information from your CV.

Personal details – This section is normally at the top of your CV. Include your full name, address, phone number and email address. You don’t need to include your gender, date of birth or photograph unless required.

Personal profile – This section contains a concise summary of your skills and achievements, motivations and career goals. It’s good to illustrate your enthusiasm for the role and industry in this section. Use keywords and keep this statement to 1 short paragraph consisting of 4-5 lines at most.

Key Skills – A CV can be in various formats and your key skills section may be at the top or bottom of your CV. Include skills you have learnt such as specific IT software and personal skills you have developed, keep it relevant to the job.

Employment History – Begin this section with your most recent employer and work your way backwards, include the job title, name of employer, location (city) and dates of employment. Ensure what you mention is relevant to the role such as responsibilities, and achievements. This section tends to come before your education history.

Education History – This section begins with your most recent education/qualification and includes the name of your course, institution and dates studied. If you are presently studying make sure to mention this. List any modules you feel relevant to the role and state the grades you’ve achieved.

Interests – Keep this section interesting, don’t simply list ‘reading’, catch the attention of the recruiter and be more specific to what you do in your free time.

References – In this section simply state ‘available on request’, there is no requirement to list full details as this will be requested if you are successful. It's best to have reference details ready such as reference name, contact details and dates of employment for when you eventually move forward in the recruitment process.

We have a free CV template and you can download it right here!

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