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Updated: Mar 31

Free Cover Letter Template Word Doc Download - My Expert Writer Career Writing Experts

Research suggests around a 60% increase in employment opportunities if you send a cover letter with your CV.

Every job seeker needs a cover letter in their arsenal in order to get that dream job and stand out from the crowd. My Expert Writer has provided you with a cover letter template detailing what should be included in each section. You can copy and paste this article into word, or alternatively download our free cover letter template document at the end of this article.

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Hiring manager name

Hiring manager position

Company name

Company address

Today’s date

Dear Mr/Mrs (hiring manager name),

First Paragraph – Keep it short and to the point. Detail the role you are applying for and where you found the vacancy. Mention any contact who may have referred you for this position.

Second Paragraph – Describe your relevant academic and professional qualifications, referring to skills listed on the job description. If you don’t have relevant experience, use university projects or personal skills and attributes.

Third Paragraph – Use Practical examples to illustrate what you can do for the company such as previous work experiences, your current role or academic achievements. It’s best to quantify your examples so using stats sounds more impressive.

Fourth Paragraph – Reiterate your interest in the role and why you are a good fit for the company. Thank the hiring manager for their time and consideration and mention, I look forward to meeting you to discuss my application further.

Yours sincerely,

(Your name)

Ensuring your cover letter is written professionally is vital to getting your desired role. Click here to download your free basic cover letter template word document.

Good luck in your job search, stay determined and stay positive!


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