Importance of a Professional CV

Updated: Mar 26

To help assist our clients get face to face interviews, My Expert Writer offers a professional CV writing service. Your Cover Letter is also an important document which our experts provide an immaculate service for. The importance of a professional CV should never be underestimated, it's an essential factor among many others to landing a job.

Your CV must speak loudly as at this stage you are not able to speak for yourself. Here is a list of reasons why a good CV is vital.

1. First Point of Contact

This is your first impression with an employer, grab the reader’s attention and illustrate why you are perfect for the role. Employers spend around 20-30 seconds on each CV so first impressions are important. Treat your first impression as a lasting one and use your CV to attain an invite for an interview with the employer.

In order to get increase your chance of being shortlisted for an interview, its best to spend time ensuring your CV is of high quality, provides great content and is well presented. As the employer will be sifting through many CVs, keep it concise and no more than two pages long, for graduates keep it to 1 page.

2. Competitive Market

In the current marketplace there can be many applicants for one position, this means more competition. Securing employment in today’s market means standing out from the crowd. Spend a good amount of time creating a professional, high quality CV.

A good tip is to include any institutions you are a member of, this helps improve your CV and makes it stand out against candidates with similar experiences as you have.

3. Save Time

A low-quality CV will not get much attention and waste your time and opportunities. This has nothing to do with your ability to do the job, it’s the lack of quality of your CV. Without the proper CV, you’re fighting a losing battle. For examples of what to include in a professional CV we have provided free downloadable resources here.

A few tips on presenting a good CV:

  • Highlight headings to stand out from normal text

  • Bullet points can be used to focus on key points

  • Be clear and concise, your CV should also be neat and easy to read

  • Ensure you spelling and grammar has been checked, there is no reason for poor quality

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